Preclinical Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge-Base


The major goal of this project is the development of an interactive information system which
supports more effective translation of preclinical results in SCI research into clinical trials.

We aim at automatically processing large amounts of unstructured textual data describing outcomes of preclinical experiments and structure them into a database, thus enabling curators or researchers to objectively assess the prospective success of an experimental therapy in humans and support the cost-effective execution of meta-analysis studies based on all previously published data in order to save time and resources in designing a set of promising clinical trials. The underlying workflow will be adaptable to other use cases and medical areas by establishing an interactive information extraction life cycle which minimizes the effort required by human domain experts.



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Spinal Cord Injury Ontology


The CNR developed together with collaborators at the University Bielefeld an ontology of preclinical spinal cord injury experiments for therapy development.

This ontology is freely accessible at the Bioportal and at the ontology platform Webprotege:


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