Start of the online-survey on user requirements of a future webdatabase

Online survey

Washington, November 2017

Presentation of the project at the Satellite Symposium “Fair-SCI Ahead” of the Society for Neuroscience Meeting

“This is a stakeholder meeting for the Open Data Commons for Spinal Cord Injury (ODC-SCI) to discuss progress and governance policies toward making data FAIR (Findable, Accessible Interoperable, and Reusable)(Wilkinson et al., 2016). This focused, workgroup-based meeting is a follow-up from the NIH-hosted “Spinal Cord Injury Preclinical Data Workshop: Developing a FAIR-Share Community,” held in Bethesda in October 2016.”



London, September 2017

Presentation at the International Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust (ISRT) Network-Meeting

The CNR presents the status quo of database development to experts in neurotrauma and therapy development in spinal cord injury. Representatives of the National Institute of Health (NIH) of the USA discuss possible collaborations with other exciting initiatives. The Open Data Commons Initiative of Prof. Adam Ferguson and Prof. Karim Fouad is introduced.


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Hattingen, June 2016

Workshop at the Wings for Life Summer School

The CNR offers an interesting organisation and time management in research workshop for international students of the neuroregeneration domain. This years` Wings for Life summer school was held in Hattingen.


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Dublin, 2014

Project presentation at the Dublin University College

Students of the University College Dublin design a preclinical research database concept for the CNR Information Center in the course of a collaboration project. The project results are presented as poster sessions are win the first award at the poster competition.


San Diego, November 2013

Presentation at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting

The CNR presents the pilot database for preclinical research data from published spinal cord injury studies. A live demo is held and international researchers and representatives of funding and governmental institutions test the pilot database. The project is commonly accepted and regarded as highly valuable. A survey is conducted to identify possible further user requirements of the future database.


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London, 2013

Presentation at the International Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust (ISRT) Network-Meeting

Düsseldorf, 2011

First International CNR Expert Meeting 2011 in Schloss Mickeln

The “First International CNR Expert Meeting” on scientific data mining for medical knowledge management in translational neuroscience in Schloss Mickeln, Düsseldorf on October 23-25, was the successful start to a new interdisciplinary approach to enhance medical knowledge management!